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Dance Art and Science

In February 2011 the Hungarian Dance Academy launched its library development project entitled "Serving Dance Art and Science". It is aimed at developing library services at the Hungarian Dance Academy (TÁMOP [Social Renewal Operational Programme] Nr. 3.2.4-09/1/KMR [Government Decree] 2010-0019.) It has been implemented with the financial support of the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Its deadline was: 31 December 2011. The total sum of subsidies provided by the EU and the Hungarian State is: HUF 23,182,996.

The main objective of the project is the development of our library services into new library spaces attuned to users' needs. Within this framework, the library has moved into a new building, the "Kisház" ("Small House"), in the 14th district within the Columbus Street campus of the Academy, also offering a reading room and research settings suitable for precise and detailed work and with internet connections. Featuring also in this project is an introduction to registration in accordance with other national library projects, both meeting the special needs in the field of dance art and the principles of nationwide source registration. This will allow the whole catalogue available at the library to become electronically accessible.

An interactive library portal has been created where some services are available for the readers 24/7, providing continual accessibility to our public services. The new library, opened in December 2011, will be able to simultaneously fulfil the needs of all professionals, teachers, researchers, and students, as well as through our interactive portal provide a wider range of services to those interested in dance studies. By enhancing our library we intend to effectively serve both the high quality education and lifelong learning of dance artists and dance pedagogues.

Dr. Gábor Bolvári-Takács
Professor, Project Manager


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