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Welcome to our library's website!

It is always a pleasure when something either in your close or extended surroundings has been improved, brightening up your day and generating trust in predestined developments which help improve living standards, work and studies.

Development at the Hungarian Dance Academy is continual both in the field of training and practice. Had they been omitted, the educational activity of the Academy would not have been able to meet with the long-lasting successes achieved so far. To further necessary development, it was deemed indispensable to move the material, which has been collected for over 60 years, into an adequate building suitable for our library. This was done with the aid of financial resources which were received from TÁMOP (Social Renewal Operational Programme) and complemented by our own institutional budget. I am absolutely convinced that the results of the forthcoming 60 years will stand to prove that those who developed and implemented the project were absolutely correct in their efforts.

It can be certainly said, that the vast amount of specialist material, methodological descriptions, memoirs, theses, music and dance videos, available to all, will significantly help dance professionals, teachers, students and other dance-lovers obtain the most outstanding and important pieces of information needed in their work.

I truly believe that every specialist working for our Academy and every student studying here take great pride in being able to find written records of dance art kept collectively under one roof in an appropriate place - in our modern library – which is equipped with the up-to-date technology necessary to do modern scientific research.

I hope that future visitors to our public library named in honour of a dance historian and one of the founding teachers of the State Ballet Institute Rózsi Vályi, will repeatedly return to the home of Terpsichore with complete satisfaction.

György Szakály
Professor, rector
Kossuth-prize winner, Eminent Artist


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